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Welcome to Collective Power: we are out to transform trauma system-wide by presenting a mirror of the system to itself.

Each week, we focus on one system. Each show we hear from a person who has an experience of one aspect of that system. On the last show each month, we bring folks back together to look at the big picture and what is possible for our city, our country and our world. 

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Sept: 16 - Digging Up the Seeds of white supremacy: Jill Nagle

Rita Sinorita Fierro, Ph.D.


Rita has spent 20 years learning from families who lost their children to foster care. HfG was born as the strategy arm of my book Give Me Back My Child: How the USA System Kidnaps Children. With a Masters in Sociology, a Ph.D. in African American Studies, and a certification as a Reiki Master Teacher, Dr. Rita is deeply committed to a world of unconditional love and freedom, where everyone belongs to everyone.  Dr Rita has also founded and lead Fierro Consulting, LLC, a organizational development, firm that brings community engagement to evaluation. You can learn more about Dr. Rita's speaking and writing at Ritafierro.comGuest


       Jill Nagle

Jill Nagle is a white anti-racist and interpersonal communication geek who runs workshops for white anti-racists to take leadership around dismantling white supremacy mythology, starting with having conversations with other white People.
She edited Whores and Other Feminists, co-edited Male Lust: Pleasure, Power, and Transformation, and has been published or reviewed more than 150 times in the genres of business, personal growth, fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and social commentary, including American Book Review, Curve, Bitch, The Women’s Review of Books, Zendesk, and many more. 

She is currently seeking representation for her book-in-progress, Skin in the Game: How White People Benefit from Dismantling White Supremacy.  

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